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The best services we provide our clients is knowing that a reliable expert you can rely on is only a phone call or a click away. We can help you with all remote computer repairs and IT needs.

Services include assistance with software installations, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, computer viruses, and general system support. Remote computer repairs can be performed at your home or business.


30 day guarantee


Quick Remote Computer Repair

Our Quick Remote Computer Repair service is available in 30 minutes or less. This includes items such as a simple error message, connecting a printer, an application problem, or a browser problem. If your problem falls into this category, our tech support specialist will notify you before any work begins.

Computer Tune-Up or Repair

Our Computer Tune-Up or Repair session includes 60 minutes of assistance from our experts. This includes items such as slow computers, complex error messages, networking issues, email issues, and other common issues. Again, before any work begins, our technician will inform you if your problem falls into this category.

Virus Removal or Repair

Our Virus Removal or Repair session is for anything longer than 90 minutes and includes virus removal as well as more complex problems. Regardless of how long we work on your computer, this is our maximum price for computer repair. Again, before any work begins, your technician will inform you if your PC repair falls into this category.

Web Hosting

Our low-cost, dependable Web Hosting plans include a slew of valuable extras. Have a free domain name as well as a plethora of powerful web accelerators. We’ll help you make your sites more intuitive as well as faster by using our multilingual Control Panel. We’ve also included a one-click Web Apps Installation Tool to make it easier to set up your blog, forum, or picture gallery. All packages make use of dependable ZFS file storage.

Take a look at our web hosting services with a 30-day free trial. No credit card information is required.

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