Speed Test

When comparing openspeedtest.com to other speed test sites, they use the most recent technology for testing your internet speed. This application is intended for testing connection speeds ranging from 1 Kbps to 1 Gbps+. Their algorithm detects a stable connection speed by executing several file download and upload requests from your web browser. Their new algorithm is capable of selecting the best server for you and running a speed test for you and that server, making openspeedtest.com smarter than ever. You don’t need to do anything; press the start speed test button below and wait a few seconds for the results.

As previously stated, openspeedtest.com uses its own algorithm to test your connection speed within your web browser; they are independent of any ISP, so they can show you the exact connection speed between you and their server. Most alternatives use your ISP’s server to test your speed; it’s similar to testing your internet speed between your device and your router; if you test, it will show you the maximum speed, but your actual speed outside of your ISP is very low.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promise a certain speed, but sometimes users do not receive that speed. There are many reasons for slow internet speed, such as a connection issue from the local exchange, a line issue, incorrect configuration of your internet connection on your machine, or a general ISP issue. So, openspeedtest.com comes in handy for checking Upload and Download speeds. OpenSpeedtest.com will function on your mobile device, PC, tablet, and so on.

Provided by OpenSpeedtest.com